O Satyricon


Since 1983

Satyricon is the right place if you’re willing to try freshness and quality of genuine mediterranean cuisine. Fish, crustacean, mollusk, seafood and special meat , all extremely fresh, are criteriously selected by proprietors, Marly and Miro Leopardi. Everything is prepared with unique and excellent products in a simple and painstaking way by using techniques that preserve the true flavor of the ingredients. Clients who prefer a vegetarian diet or choose to have meat instead will find delicious pasta , risottos as well as juicy filets.

The charming , elegant and trendy atmosphere is set in a way to make people feel well and comfortable. A wine cellar with over 500 labels will enable perfect sync with what is available on the menu..


One hundred and thirty four seats ( 134) are divided among the Bar, the Main Dining Area and an indoor garden, all air-conditioned.


Eighty seats( 80) are shared between a porch/deck and a conditioned salon, all with a stunning view of the sea in Búzios.

Right at the entrance there are fish tanks with live lobsters, rock lobsters and mollusks.

The magnificent exhibitor counter shows what the sea offers on a daily basis .The client can choose the product as well as how he wants to degustate it.

The variety of fish, the texture of the crustacean, the origin of products, the vitality of mediterranean flavors, all adapted to the tropical climate come from the tenacious and hard work of the proprietors, Marly and and Miro Leopardi, as well as of their daughter Sandra Tolpiakow. They are always attent to ensure the excellence of service as well as the quality of what is being served.

They pursue what is best for their loyal clientele. King Crabs from Alaska and Patagonia; Salmon from Norway; Lamb from Uruguay; Pasta from Italy; Mangoes from Pernambuco; Wine from all over the world. Seafood and other special products can come from the seven seas( South Atlantic, North Atlantic, South Pacific, North Pacific, Indian , Antartic and Artic). Instead they prefer to work with local products, and have selected the best fishermen on the coast of Rio de Janeiro. They sail in the waters of the coast and bring scampi, fish, lobsters, rock lobsters, and oysters, that are still alive when they get to the Restaurant. Right at the entrance at the main counter one can see the best the sea offers on a daily basis.

Fish at Satyricon are caught with a fishing line, not a net. Such technique preserves the integrity of the fibers of the tender flesh of the fish and ensures a unique texture and flavor.

The experient team of professionals led by maitres sommeliers that are always ready to serve and please the requests of the clients ensure attent, efficient and cordial service.

The Restaurant is reference in quality for both public as well as specialized reviewers.

Its merit is acknowledged through a series of awards and citations in newspapers , magazines, specialized guides, and mainly by its clients, all making excellent praises.

Valet parking and its own garage in Rio de Janeiro.